ChainSafe Systems Protocol Engineering

Protocol Engineer Gossamer/Polkadot (Go)

Protocol Engineer, Gossamer/Polkadot (Go)

Toronto, Berlin, Zagreb, Remote (American/European timezones preferred)

ChainSafe is a blockchain research and development firm specializing in infrastructure and tooling for the decentralized web. Alongside its contributions to significant ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, and more, ChainSafe creates solutions for developers and teams across the web3 space utilizing our expertise in gaming, bridging, NFTs, and decentralized storage. As part of the mission to build innovative products for users and better tooling for developers, ChainSafe embodies an open-source and community-oriented ethos.

To learn more about ChainSafe, look at our GitHub and website.

Here’s what you need to know before reading on

At ChainSafe, you’ll be part of a team that believes in the community’s vital importance and contributes to advancing humanity with open-source and decentralized technology.

About Gossamer/Polkadot

As a protocol engineer for Gossamer, you will join a small team and develop and maintain the Go implementation of the Polkadot blockchain protocol, often referred to as a host or a client. You will be tasked with implementing new features, occasionally from a technical specification or a reference implementation; maintaining existing features; ensuring the implementation stays compatible with the current and historical specifications of the protocol, and updating the code when upgrades are made to the network.

Who we need

As a protocol engineer, you have the desire to implement and deploy novel protocols that have never been implemented before in that language, you have a passion for open-source software and understanding that you will be maintaining code that will be widely used on a decentralized network, you are able to clearly communicate and document your thoughts, and you have the desire to contribute to the space. The position is full-time and remote-friendly.


Required skills and experience

Nice to have

Hiring Steps

Tell us who you are

If you feel like you’re the perfect fit for the role, please apply even if you don’t match all the requirements.

Why Join ChainSafe Systems Protocol Engineering

Founded by developers for developers, ChainSafe is a company with an international team. We continue to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, value autonomy and responsibility, have a results-driven environment, and offer flexible work hours.

We care deeply about our values and look for these attributes in every new team member. In addition, we recognize the benefits of cultivating a diverse team and aspire to embed respect for all people into our culture. We encourage women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of colour, and members of any other group underrepresented in the blockchain space - or tech in general - to apply.

How to Apply

To apply:

  1. send an email to kirill@chainsafe.io containing the following:
    • an indicator what role you apply for
    • a motivational letter
    • an up-to-date résumé (CV)
  2. wait two weeks before you follow up