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Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring system with efficient time series database and a modern alerting approach. Together with Grafana it's the recommended way to make sure that your node and validator(s) are performing correctly.


To start, download Prometheus from Unzip the downloaded .zip file and run Prometheus from its installed location with the lodestar prometheus.yml passed in as the configuration file

./prometheus --config.file=$dataDir/prometheus.yml

8008 is also the default port specified in the prometheus.yml in the lodestar repository

Then run the Lodestar beacon node with

lodestar --metrics=true --metrics.port=8008

Navigate to http://localhost:9090/ in your browser to verify that Prometheus is monitoring Lodestar


Download and install Grafana from its official repository

Add Prometheus as a data source to Grafana

An example of relevant metrics of interest to monitor are:

  • nodejs_heap_space_size_used_bytes
  • nodejs_eventloop_lag_seconds
  • beaconchain_peers
  • beaconchain_current_slot
  • beaconchain_current_finalized_epoch