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Client monitoring

Lodestar has the ability to send client stats to a remote service for collection. At the moment, the main service offering remote monitoring is

Instructions for setting up client monitoring with can be found in their docs about Mobile App <> Node Monitoring and in your account settings.


Lodestar provides CLI options to configure monitoring on both the beacon node and validator client.

Remote endpoint URL

Client monitoring can be enabled by setting the --monitoring.endpoint flag to a remote service endpoint URL.

--monitoring.endpoint "{apikey}&machine={machineName}"

In case of, the API key can be found in your account settings. Setting the machine is optional but it is especially useful if you are monitoring multiple nodes.


When sending data to a remote service you should be conscious about security:

  • Only use a service that you trust as this will send information which may identify you and associate your validators, IP address and other personal information.
  • Always use a HTTPS connection (i.e. a URL starting with https://) to prevent the traffic from being intercepted in transit and leaking information.

More details about the data sent to the remote service can be found in the specification.

It is also possible to print out the data sent to the remote service by enabling debug logs which can be done by supplying the --logLevel debug flag.

Monitoring interval

It is possible to adjust the interval between sending client stats to the remote service by setting the --monitoring.interval flag. It takes an integer value in milliseconds, the default is 60000 which means data is sent once a minute.

For example, setting an interval of 300000 would mean the data is only sent every 5 minutes.

--monitoring.interval 300000

Increasing the monitoring interval can be useful if you are running into rate limit errors when posting large amounts of data for multiple nodes.