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Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the documentation will cover common questions and encounters often asked by users and developers.


"Package manager issues"

Lodestar relies on Corepack and associated packageManager value to manage its package manager version.

Make sure corepack is correctly enabled if you encounter some package manager related issues:

corepack enable

Troubleshooting Lodestar

Running a beacon node

"Heap memory limit"

Lodestar beacon node requires at least 8GB of heap space. While the lodestar script and the official docker image correctly sets the appropriate value, it might be necessary to manually set it for some specific scenario.

The simplest way to achieve this is via the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable or by passing --max-old-space-size directly to the node binary

NODE_OPTIONS: --max-old-space-size=8192

Using Kubernetes

"Unknown arguments error"

Lodestar reads all environment variables prefixed with LODESTAR and will try to parse them similar to command line arguments, meaning any unknown argument will cause an error.

✖ Unknown arguments: servicePort, servicePortEthConsensusP2p,
port9000Tcp, port9000TcpPort, port9000TcpProto, port9000TcpAddr, serviceHost

The extra arguments are present because Kubernetes automatically adds environment variables to the Pod based on the name ( defined in the associated Service. To resolve the issue, this name has to be changed to something that does not start with lodestar.

Reference Issue: #6045