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Lodestar runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Install from source

Make sure to have Yarn installed. It is also recommended to install NVM (Node Version Manager) and use the latest LTS version of NodeJS.


NodeJS versions < 12 are not supported by Lodestar.

Clone the repo locally.

git clone

Install across all packages. Lodestar follows a monorepo structure, so all commands below must be run in the project root. Use the --ignore-optional flag to prevent downloading the eth2 spec tests.

yarn install --ignore-optional

Build across all packages

yarn run build

Or if you are using Lerna:

lerna bootstrap

Lodestar should now be ready for use:

./lodestar --help

Install from NPM

Install globally

npm install -g @chainsafe/lodestar-cli


yarn global add @chainsafe/lodestar-cli

Lodestar should now be ready to use:

lodestar --help

Install with docker

The chainsafe/lodestar Docker Hub repository is mantained actively. It contains the lodestar CLI preinstalled.


The Docker Hub image in run on CI every nightly release on master

Ensure you have Docker installed by issuing the command:

docker -v

It should return a non error message such as Docker version xxxx, build xxxx.

Pull, run the image and Lodestar should now be ready to use

docker pull chainsafe/lodestar
docker run chainsafe/lodestar --help


Hardware specifications minimum / recommended, to run the Lodestar client.

Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel Core i5–760 or AMD FX-8100 Intel Core i7–4770 or AMD FX-8310
Memory 4GB RAM 8GB RAM
Storage 20GB available space SSD 100GB available space SSD
Internet Broadband connection Broadband connection